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The Agricultural university in Marathawada is situated at Parbhani, famous for its fertile land. The bumper crop of Jowar of Parbhani district isits testimony. Sant Janabai of Gangakhed, the Jain temple caves of Jintoor, the birthplace of Saibaba at Parthi, the Yeldari Project, Pardeshwar Temple or Jambul Bet are some of the places of tourist's and devotee's attraction. Bharud, Potraj, Gondhal, Kalgitura are the main folk arts of the district.

1 District Parbhani
2 Area 6511 sq. kms.
3 Sub-divisions 2 (Parbhani, Selu)
4 Talukas 9 (Parbhani, Jintur, Pathri, Selu, Gangakhed, Palam, Sonpeth, Manvat, Purna)
5 Distance from Mumbai By Railway-552 kms
6 Means of Transport Railway, ST Buses
7 Population Total : 14,91,109 Male : 7,61,937 Femal : 7,29,172
8 Literacy Percent : 67.04 Total : 8,39,140 Male :5,13,802 Femal : 3,25,338
9 Area under Irrigation 1,85,000 hecters
10 Irrigation Projects Major-1, Medium - 2, Minor-42 , Imp. Projs - 2 (1. Purna Yeldari, 2. Purna Siddheshwar)
11 Industries Medium 11, Samll- 754
12 Languages/Dialects Marathi, Hindi, Urdu
13 Folk-Arts Gondhal, Shahiri, Bharud, Potraj, Kalgitura
14 Weather Tempreture Max. 42.6 Deg. C. , Min. 10.6 Deg. C. Rainfall : 957.2 mm (Average)
15 Main Crops Jowar, Cotton
16 Area under Horticulture 35000 hecters
17 Health Infrastructure PHCs -30, Rural Hosp. -8, Dist Hosp. -1, Health Sub-Center-313, Urban Disp.-3, Ayurvedic Disp. - 5, Health Units-4.
18 Tourist Places Sant Janabai Mandir at Gangakhed, Jain Temple Cave at Jintur, Sayyed Shah Turabul Haq Baba Dargah at Parbhani, Manora (Charthana, Taluuka Jintur), Shree Pardeshwar temple at Parbhani, Birth place temple of Shirdi Sai Baba at Pathri, Yeldari Project in Jintur Taluka, Jambulbet and Ranesavargaon (Taluka Palam)
19 Educational Institutions University-1, (Marathwada Agriculture University at Parbhani), Collegs-38, Prim. Schools -1072, Sec. Schools- 188.