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Supplements to the District Gazetteers
As per the instructions of the Central Govt. and for updating the statistical data contained in the parent District Gazetteer volumes, the work of compilation and publication of the Supplements to the revised District Gazetteers had been undertaken and every attempt had been made to bring the statistical data as uptodate as possible
Sr.No Name of Supplementary District Gazetteer Publication Year HTML version PDF version Marathi version
1 Nagpur 1978 N-A N-A  
2 Ratnagiri 1978 N-A N-A  
3 Amravati 1978 N-A N-A  
4 Kolhapur 1980 N-A N-A  
5 Kolaba 1981 N-A N-A  
6 Sangli 1983 N-A N-A  
7 Pune 1984 N-A N-A  
8 Beed 1988 N-A N-A  
9 Satara 1989 N-A N-A  
10 Parbhani 1989 N-A N-A