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Maharashtra State Gazetteers (English-Marathi)

The State Gazetteers series cover subject that can be best treated for the State as a whole and not for the smaller area of a district. In this series the following State Gazetteers are published


राज्य गँझेटिअर(मराठी)

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अ.क्र. गँझेटिअरचे नाव प्रकाशन वर्ष पी.डी.एफ/एचटीएमएल

महाराष्ट्र : भुमि व लोक

2 इतिहास प्राचीन काळ (खंड-1) 2003
3 स्थापत्य व कला (खंड-1,भाग-2) 2002
4 औषधी वनस्पती 2004
5 महाराष्ट्रातील वनस्पतीशास्त्र आणि वनसंपदा 2006
Sr.No Name of State Gazetteer Publication Year HTML version PDF version
1 Botany Part - I,Medicinal Plants 1953 N-A
2 Botany Part - II,Timbers 1957 N-A N-A
3 Botany Part -III,Miscellaneous Plants 1961 N-A N-A
4 History Part - 1,Ancient Period 1967 N-A
5 History Part - 3,Maratha Period 1968 N-A
6 Maharashtra:Land and its People (Revised) 2009 N-A
6 Maharashtra:Land and its People 1968 N-A
7 Language and Literature 1970 N-A
8 History Part -II,Medieval Period 1972 N-A
9 Fauna 1974 N-A
10 Botany and Flora of Maharashtra 1987 N-A N-A
11 History of Bombay : Modern Period 1987 N-A N-A