Tilse village, in an island in the Vaitarna about two miles east of Vada, has a temple with a natural ling and ling case, shalunkha. The temple was burnt in 1880, but the large foundations still remain. Round the temple, are several very deep natural hollows in the river bed filled with water. One of them is called Ram's pool, Ramkund, and the other Lakshman's pool, Lakshmankund. To the north-east of the temple is a very deep pool, full of large fish which are carefully preserved. A fair is held at the temple in February-March (Magh vad 13th), on the great night sacred to Shiv, Mahashivaratri, when about 2000 people assemble from Vada, Shahapur, Bhiwndi, and Jawhar, and bathe in the pools. A few stalls are set up, which remain open for a fortnight till Holi (March-April). The temple enjoys two cash allowances of 1 10s. (Rs. 15) and 8s. (Rs. 4) respectively, and 22 acres of rent-free land. [Mr. W. B.Mulock, C.S.]