Mulga'on, a deserted khoti village about two miles north-east of Andheri station on the Baroda railway, has, on the east bank of an old pond, a heap of blocks of dressed and carved stones. It is the site of a Brahmanic temple of the eleventh or twelfth century. Much of the site is hidden by long grass and brushwood. But several finely carved blocks are strewn over the open pond-bank, images, pieces of pillars, and bits of the spire. At the edge of the pond is a stone with a defaced Shiv dancing the tandav, and an image of Narsinh or the Man-lion, the fourth incarnation of Vishnu. On the bank above is a one-headed four-handed Brahma with a book roll in his upper right hand. There is also a small three-headed figure, probably Brahma Vishnu and Shiv. About twenty yards from the temple is an underground water-cistern with two square openings, probably Buddhist (A.D. 100-500). At the corner of a field about a hundred yards south-east of the pond, are a row of old bricks, perhaps part of an old water channel.