Mha'se, six miles south of Murbad, has, at the shrine of Khambling, [The khamb is a wooden pillar outside of the temple daubed with redlead, the ling is worshipped inside- a yearly fair supposed to be the oldest in the district. It begins on Posh Shud Purnimadha (January full-moon) and lasts for fifteen days, and is one of the most important cattle fairs in the district. It is attended by large numbers of Vanis, Kasars, Kunbis, and Musalmans from as far as Kalyan and Junnar. The chief articles sold are spices, grain, salt, cloth, metal vessels, ponies and cattle, especially buffaloes, sometimes, it is said, to the value of 2000 (Rs. 20,000). The shrine has 16 14/40 acres of private land under the management of the village headman.