Maroli, in Salsette two miles south of Kurla with  145 Christians, has a well kept church dedicated to St. Sebastian, measuring 52 feet long by 34 feet wide and twenty-four high. There are also the ruins of a vaulted church dedicated to Our Lady of Conception, measuring fifty-two feet long by thirty-nine wide and twenty-five high. Close by are the ruins of the  priest's house, two wells, and a pond.

Maroli, about seven miles north of Umbargaon, is a small sea-port, with, for the five years ending 1878-79, average exports worth 220 and imports worth 51. Exports varied from 60 in 1877-78 to 502 in 1874-75, and imports from 8 in 1878-79 to 153 in 1876-77.