Husbandmen; Seasons; Soils; Arable Land; Holdings; Stock; Plough of Land; Crop Area

Field Tools; Hand Tools; Ploughing; Sowing; Manure

Motasthal; Patasthal; Government Water Works; Reservoirs

Weeding; Watching; Reaping; Thrashing; Winnowing; Storing; Mixed Sowings; Wood-ash Tillage; Rotation; Fallows; Gardening

Crop Details

Coffee; Senna; Cochineal; Silk

Experimental Gardens; Botanical Gardens

Blights; Locust and Rat Plagues; Famines




Watered land is of two classes, motasthal or bag-watered, and patasthal or channel-watered. Well or bag irrigation is of great importance in Indapur and other drought-stricken parts of the east.