The Superintendent of Stamps, Maharashtra, is the authority that controls the supply and sale of stamps in the State. In Dhulia district, the Collector of Dhulia as the administrative head of the district holds the general charge of the stamps department. No officer in the district is specially in charge of stamps. The work is looked after by the stamps head clerk under the supervision of treasury officer. Dhulia; The local depot at Dhulia is under the charge of the treasury officer who is responsible for the maintenance of the stock of stamps, their distribution to branch depots and their sale to the public.

To suit public convenience, stamps are sold at local and branch depots as also at various other centres by vendors authorised to sell stamps. There are 17 licensed stamp vendors in the district.

The total income realised from stamp duty in the district during the year 1963-64 was Rs. 361,060.21 for judicial stamps and Rs. 617,204.80 for non-judicial stamps. The commission allowed to vendors during the same year amounted to Rs. 5,192.64 on judicial stamps and Rs. 10,111.26 on non-judicial stamps.