THE VOLUNTARY SOCIAL SERVICE ORGANISATIONS PLAY AN IMPORTANT ROLE in the development of the community life. The voluntary social service by its very nature is an activity of a self-governing body of people working together for the betterment of the society and community life as a whole.

As a result the voluntary social service organisations have become the sheet-anchor of the present society.

In the present days of freedom and equality the States are speedily marching towards the concept of a welfare state. These circumstances have paved a way for the voluntary organisations to play their significant role.

Formerly the states were entrusted with the administration in a restricted sense. Most of their energy was exhausted in the collection of revenue as well as in maintenance of law and order through the administrative control in the society. But the recent economic developments have extended the scope of state activities in relation to the individual. As a result the basic and bare necessaries of the individual were fulfilled at the hands of the state, whereas the spiritual and cultural sides of the individual life were totally neglected.

The needs of the common man are increasing faster and are keeping pace with the modern development in the various fields. Day by day every individual is relying more upon the state. The state has to step in into several problems covering the life of an individual.

The activities of the state have thus extended beyond the capacities of the state. Though it is desirable to have state attendance into every walk of the life of individuals, it has become impossible for the state owing to the burden of administration to fulfil its responsibilities.

Where state is unable to look into the demands of an individual, the voluntary social service organisations step in. Such organisations are getting enormous scope in these days of busy life. It is, therefore, essential to have social organisations of the people vested in common interest.

The activities of the state involve some element of compulsion, whereas in case of voluntary institutions they are voluntary in nature and offer easy scope for an individual to develop. It is one of the reasons why individual feels more familiar and homely as a member of these institutions.

These institutions work hand in hand with Government and their nature is complementary to it. So far they have proved very-helpful and co-operative and not competitive with the state in the field. With the co-operation of the state many problems are solved which have acted as an obstacle in the way of progress.

Many a time these organisations act as the agencies of the state whereas sometimes they discharge the duties of the state.

As voluntary social organisations are formed by the people, they can grasp the needs of the people in the area and offer proper solutions to the problem.

Such institutions can afford to make experiments. The voluntary actions involved on the part of individual in the institution are always flexible and progressive and that is one of the reasons for the pioneering work done by organisations in Dhulia district.

The voluntary social service organisations are. also useful, act as they do, as a preventive measure against the mal-adjustment in the society.

In Dhulia district there are many such organisations working in various fields such as, education, health, art and recreation.

The voluntary social service organisations though helped by the government have inadequate finance. Many a time they have to rely upon their own funds and donations collected from the public.