Chikse, with 907 souls in 1961 largely an agricultural village in Sakri taluka noteworthy on account of a temple dedicated to Gangeshvar which is highly revered by the local populace. The temple though not significant architecturally, has great religious significance attached to it, and on every Shravan Monday and Mahashivratra people gather in large numbers to pay their respects to the deity. Situated amongst picturesque surroundings on the banks of the Panjhara river, a little over a kilometre off the village, the temple has a small open courtyard with an arched entrance leading into the rather hollowed mandap. From here another arched entrance leads into the vestibule which is on a level with the river bed. The ling, symbol always remains submerged in water which perhaps comes from the river itself. There is an outlet for the water to flow back. The temple is crowned by a spire of panch dhatu (an alloy of five metals). Closeby is a 4.572 X 4.572 metres water kund (tank) which is supposed to receive water supply from Mangya-Tungya mountains lying east of the temple.