Vikharan is a village in Sindkheda taluka lying 6.43 km. (4 miles) of Dondaicha a railway station on the Surat-Bhusaval section of the western railway. Virdel, another railway station, is only 0.8046 km. (four furlongs) from it. The village has a primary school, a montesori and multipurpose co-operative society. Vikharan is, however, known for some old temples of the Yadava period, perhaps built with the patronage of the kings of that dynasty. Most of these are in a ruined state, but the remains as well as the fragments found scattered around, indicate that the craftsmanship was of a very high order. Of the existing temples that of Dvarkeshvar deserves mention. It is said that the idol in the temple was found by a Rajput in the tank just behind the temple. The temple is supposed to have been built by one Vitthal Svami with the help of the villagers. In honour of Dvarkeshvar a fair, yatra, is held on Kartika Shuddha 11, and lasts for three days. The village has also an old temple dedicated to Mahadev.