Shirud, with 4,781 inhabitants in 1961, is a village in Dhulia taluk a known for an antique shrine in hemadpanti style, dedicated to Kalika goddess. Enclosed within a compound wall having for its support bastion like formations, the architectural accomplishments of the SHIRUD. temple are of no mean order. It consists of a twelve-pillared mandap and a much smaller vestibule containing the 1.219 metres high (4 ft.) idol of the goddess. The vestibule also contains another idol of an unidentifiable deity. The pillars as well as the entrance to the vestibule are decorated with some beautiful engraved designs. In the mandap walls are sunk niches housing some deities. The jambs of these niches are also excellently ornamented with different patterns. Even the roof of the mandap is studded with some beautiful figurines. In the western corner is a well about which it is said that if devotees prayed for cooking vessels, they used to get them from this well, but the rule was that the vessels had to be returned back after cleaning. Once an avaricious person carried them away and since then the phenomenon has ceased to take place. In honour of the goddess a fair is held on Chaitra Shuddha Paurnima. There are also temples dedicated to Hanuman, Vithoba and Mahadev. To the east of the village on the other bank of the river Bori, is a temple dedicated to Khandoba in whose honour a fair is held on Magh Shuddha Paurnima. It is attended by. a large number of persons. Many take a dip in the river considering it holy on account of the temple. Shirud has a sub-market yard, a branch of the district central co-operative bank, a high school with a hostel attached, a library and a gramodyog centre. There are also a housing society and a crop insurance society.