Sarangkheda in Shahada taluka with 3,154 inhabitants in 1961, is a village flourished along the banks of the Tapi at the point where the Tapi has been crossed by a grand bridge known after the village name. The construction of the bridge in the first half of 1957 broke the age long isolation of Shahada, Taloda, Akrani and Akkalkuva talukas with the rest of the district. Sarangkheda is, however, known for a lovely shrine of Dattatraya situated on a rising ground with its tall shikhar overlooking the village, thus attracting the visitors' notice. The main temple holding a single faced idol of Dattatraya is said to have been built some hundred years ago, the decorations and extensions having been carried out only forty years ago. The idol of Datta is believed to have been brought from Mahur in Nanded district. It is held in deep reverence. The temple is well maintained and is well decorated by the setting of many divine and animal figurines at convenient places. But the greatest attraction is the fair held in honour of the deity on Margashirsha Paurnima when over a lakh of persons gather. Dealers in well-bred cattle horses and agricultural implements figure prominently, the turnover amounting to a few lakhs of rupees. It is one of the few biggest fairs in Dhulia district. Sarangkheda has a subsidised medical practitioner, a police station and the usual educational facilities.