Nagpur, Kokale, a village in Sakri taluka lying about 4.82 km. (3 miles) south of Sakri, had 51 inhabitants in 1961. It is known for an otherwise insignificant temple, except religiously, dedicated to Nagai, situated on the left bank of the Panjhara river. It is held in deep reverence by the people of the district and contains two images carved in relief on a stone slab kept leaning against the back wall. The original structure was. of masonry but now has almost been rebuilt with bricks and mortar. The temple consists of a single chamber. It has in front a large masonry tank, kund of 14.93.5 x 21.192 metres (49 feet x 40 feet) dimensions-There is another kund close by which gets water from the first one, spilled from a gomukh. Closeby are some uncared for tombs believed to be of some saintly persons. At the time of the fair which is held on Mahashivratra, the adjoining dharmashalas are cleaned and repaired by the Zilla Parishad for the convenience of the people. The fair is attended by a large congregation. On every Monday of Shravun many devotees visit the temple and offer sweet preparations. Some marriages are also solemnised here. Around, there are a number of mango and neem trees offering sufficient shade and a few kevda plants.