Indave, in Sakri taluka with 1,517 inhabitants in 1961. is known for a small but ancient temple dedicated to Indai Goddess standing on the banks of a built up lake which practically goes dry during summer. The wall around the lake has given way at many places. Inside the lake there is a built in well holding good water throughout the year with another built in kund nearby which has a hot water spring. The waters of the spring are supposed to have potent effects in curing skin diseases. The temple contains a four handed image of the goddess artistically carved on a stone slab with two smaller ones flanking the sides. It is depicted as sitting on a lion and killing a buffalo with the trishul. The second right hand is armed with a sword and the left holding a demon's head and a discus. People hold the goddess in deep reverence and make numerous offerings in fulfilment of their cherished desires. On Chaitra Shuddha 9, a fair attended by over 4,000 persons is held in honour of the goddess. On the occasion a bullock drawn two or three storeyed chariot like cart with entertaining parties is taken around the village. It is locally called as Tagatrao. There is also an old temple of Mahadev. The village has a branch post office and a primary school.