Dhayate, in Navapur taluka with 12,120 inhabitants in 1961, is an insignificant village about 64.37 km. (40 miles) north-east of Dhulia. In the beginning of the 17th century (1609) it was noticed as a prosperous market for drugs and pintadoes or calicoes. [Saibank in Harris, I. 98.] About 50 years later Tavernier, the famous French traveller and jeweller who visited India no less than five times during the course of 27 years, between 1641 and 1667, mentions it as the next great town from Nizampur encompassed almost around with a river in the midst of a most delicious and prosperous country. To-day this village has lost all its ancient prosperity and glory. It now includes 32 hamlets and has all the usual postal and educational facilities as are available in any other village of its size.