Dhanora, with 4,605 inhabitants in 1961, is a village in Nandurbar taluka lying about 25.75 km. (16 miles) north-east of Nandurbar. It is said to have derived its name from a certain Gavali king by name Dhana. Recently an underground temple dedicated to Vishveshvar was discovered here. The legend about this temple says that the village priest's wife who was a Vishnu worshipper, was told by the Lord in a vision about his whereabouts. On excavation, to their surprise, the villagers found a small well built cell with steps leading down, containing an idol of Vishnu. Dhanora has also an old gadhi lying amidst ruins, with richly carved fragments of an old temple built into its walls. Many beautiful idols of different deities are found inside this gadhi. Besides the usual medical and educational facilities, the village has a police outpost and a sub-post office.