Dahivel, in Sakri taluka, is a village with 5,215 inhabitants in 1961 lying 19.31 km. (12 miles) west of Sakri and 32.62 km. east of Navapur. Besides, the main settlement it includes eight hamlets locally called padas and four sub-hamlets. A bandhara laid across the river Kan flowing to its east has made possible irrigation of nearly 121.406 hectares (300 acres) of land. Well irrigation also exists side by side. Agriculture is the chief means of subsistence, there being no cottage industries worth the name except four co-operative societies, two of which are engaged in the manufacture of khandsari. Sakri taluka in general being a mountainous area is chiefly inhabited by adivasis. For their all-round development a special adivasi block besides the one at the taluka level has recently been established here. Dahivel has nine primary schools, eight of them being in the eight hamlets, a high school and a balavadi. There are also a post office, a primary health centre with a maternity ward attached to it, an ayurvedic dispensary and a veterinary dispensary. A water-works to be installed on the river Kan would soon replace well water. Dahivel has two temples dedicated to Hanuman, two to Mahadev and one to Vitthal. The weekly bazar is held on Thursdays.