Bodgaon, with 950 souls in 1961, is a small village in Sakri taluka lying about 0.80 km. (two furlongs) off Sakri-Dahivel road. It was formerly known as Bhojpur after the king Bhoj who is supposed to have ruled this region. It is known for several old and in some eases dilapidated temples mostly situated on the banks of the Utavali nala flowing past the village. Along the banks of this nala there are four temples dedicated to Mahadev, one each to Maruti, Ganapati and Bhavani and a twelve pillared samadhi of an unknown saint popularly known as bara khambi mandir (twelve pillared temple). Among this group of temples the bara khambi mandir containing the padukas of the saint and a phallus symbol is of some consequence. It is an attractive dome-like structure supported on twelve solid pillars, the whole standing on a raised platform. The Bhavani shrine has a 4.57 X 4.57 metres (15 feet X 15 feet) sabhamandap which is square in shape on the outer side, but octagonal inside. The vestibule containing a well shaped idol of Bhavani is much smaller. Other temples scattered on the nala bank are of lesser importance. Not far from the nala is a six-bastioned old gadhi of which practically nothing remains to-day, containing another temple of Mahadev of 3.05 X 3.05 metres (10 feet X 10 feet) dimensions. It is entered through a lowly constructed entrance with its jambs decorated with artistic designs. To the right it has yet another door. The front part of the nandi image installed in the front is partly broken. A tapering shikhar with a spire adorns-the temple. Bodgaon has two primary schools. Drinking water is obtained from the wells.