Betavad, with 5,189 inhabitants in 1961, is an old irregularly built town in Sindkheda taluka, 38.62 km. (24 miles) north-east of Dhulia with which it is connected by a good tar road. It has also a railway station, lying a little away from the town proper, on the Bhusawal-Surat section of the Western Railway. It has several large but neglected houses and the whole town wears a gloomy appearance, the municipality there having been abolished long ago. At the time of the British conquest (1817) a Brahman named Daji Gopal, with about three hundred followers held Betavad and exacted contributions from the country around. He gave up on the surrender of Thalner and the British troops occupied it without a clash. It was formerly the headquarters of the old revenue division of Betavad. Betavad has facilities upto secondary education, a subsidised medical practitioner, a post office and a police out-post. Weekly bazar is held on Fridays.