Amlad, a village in Taloda taluka, had 1,840 inhabitants in 1961. It contains three antique shrines, all dedicated to Mahadev but known by different names of that deity. The first one of these known as Mahadev temple has its entrance and the base part almost in ruins. The temple holds a ling symbol with an image of nandi facing it. It is adorned by a richly ornamented shikhar studded with four small pillars on the four sides. The shrine is said to have been built during the clays of Ahilyabai Holkar.

The second one of the series goes by the name of Nilkantheshvar Mahadev with a vestibule of 4.572 6.096 metres (15 ft. X 20 ft.) dimensions containing a ling symbol and small images of numerous deities arranged along the course of the wall. It is crowned by a dome-like Shikhar. This temple, literally lying amidst ruins, was repaired by one Shambhu Patel. On every Monday of Shravan many devotees, even coming from nearby villages, gather at the temple.

The third and the last is called Katkeshvar Mahadav. It has a 9.144 X 4.572 metres (30 feet into 15 feet) sabhamandap supported on solid cement pillars forming six arches in between. The vestibule of 3.048 X 3.048 metres (10 feet by 10 feet) dimensions contains a ling symbol. Facing it is a nandi image installed in the sabhamandap. Outside the temple there are a few defaced and broken images of nandi of unequal sizes. To the north, not far away is a well with ample water supply.