AHILYAPUR IN SHIRPUR TALUKA is an insignificant village but for an old and large well built by Ahilyabai Holkar, the queen of Indore. It is probable that the village derived its name from the builder of the well. It is a fine well with nearly 150 descending steps and thirteen lovely arches overhanging the steps. It contains an image of its builder, and is the only source supplying potable water to the village populace. A kund. or a small tank has been constructed near this well into which water is pumped by means of an engine. The well is fed by natural springs which provide an abundant supply of water. In the vicinity there is a Mahadev shrine containing besides the ling, yet another image of Ahilyabai. Thus the shrine also appears to have been built by Ahilyabai. who is known to have built many temples in Maharashtra and who was a worshipper of Shiv. There is a similar well at Tavalai in Shahada taluka.