Departmental Activities.

Although the district is traversed by nearly 770 kilometres Departmental of Fluvial matter, the riverine fishery is poor since the majority of Activities, the catch comprises mainly catfishes, murrels and minor varieties of carps. In some of the streams connecting the Tapi river, good catches of Tor tor, the Mahaseer of India which is locally known as cadis are reported. From sandy beds loaches are also collected by Bhil women for sale to the public. The district is not richly endowed with impounded water resources and as such no separate officer has been provided within the district for undertaking the fisheries developmental activities. At present, the Assistant Superintendent, of Fisheries. Nasik looks after the developmental activities of the district.

With a view to undertaking pisciculture in the district, the water resources are surveyed to determine the suitability for stocking with quick growing varieties of fish such as Labeo rohit, Catla catla and Cirhina mrigala. There has been considerable increase in the stocking intensity in recent years in relation to the potentiality of water resources available in the district. Progressive efforts are made to bring as much waterspread under pisciculture as possible.

Fishermen in the district are organised to form co-operative societies. There are four co-operative societies with a total membership of 215 and share capital of Rs. 4,000. Societies are given financial assistance in the form of loan and subsidy for fishery requisites and stocking of tanks with carp-fry. They are also helped to secure tanks and ponds for purpose of pisciculture and leases of fishing rights are given on the basis of average of past three years thus avoiding unhealthy competition by private contractors.