Treatment of sick animals, control of cattle epidemics, castration and breeding of healthy cattle are the primary functions of the Animal Husbandry Department. Besides, the department also advises the people in hygienic methods of animal management and for propaganda purposes participates in cattle and poultry fairs and show; held from time to time at various places in the State.

Activities concerning animal husbandry in Dhulia district are controlled and supervised by the District Animal Husbandry Officer who is now under the control of the Zilla Parishad. In the performance of his functions he is assisted by the necessary staff, both technical and non-technical.

A chain of ten veterinary dispensaries and 30 aid centres has been established throughout the district. The work of treating and vaccinating animals and poultry birds against various diseases is carried out by the veterinary officers and stockmen attached to these veterinary institutions. In 1963-64, 75,910 animals were treated for contagious and non-contagious diseases and 6,3.54 castrations were performed. Of the 221 out-breaks reported, 216 were attended and 329,974 vaccinations were carried out against various contagious diseases.

Artificial insemination is a new technique for improving live-stock in the quickest possible time. There is an artificial insemination centre at Dhulia and two sub-centres have been established at Shahada and Sakri. In 1963-64, 222 inseminations were performed in the district.

There is one Government Poultry Farm at Dhulia. The foreign improved exotic types of birds, viz. White Leghorn and Rhode Island Red, are maintained at this farm. These breeds of poultry are famous for better egg-yield. Interested poultry keepers are supplied good quality. hatching eggs and improved birds.

Introduction of various cattle development schemes such as premium bull scheme, supplementary cattle breeding centres, key village centres and artificial insemination, has brought improvement in local, non-descript cattle with regards to its milch qualities. 32 Dangi bulls and 80 Dangi cows were given to Adivasis of Akrani mahal for improvement of cattle in the hilly tract. There are three supplementary Cattle Breeding Centres functioning in the district.