THIS CHAPTER IS DEVOTED TO A DESCRIPTION OF THE MISCELLANEOUS OCCUPATIONS which provide employment to a considerable number of persons. These occupations do not come under the purview of Factories Act. However, they have an important place in the economic life of the district as they provide a means of livelihood not only to a considerable number of people, but also to those who produce essential goods of daily consumption. Some others render useful service to the people in a variety of ways. These occupations are a sort of blending of trade and industry. In this chapter an attempt is made to give a broad account of the more important of these occupations and the peculiar conditions and problems affecting the persons engaged in them. The narrative is based on findings of a sample survey conducted in the year 1964 at urban centres such as Dhulia, Nandurbar, Nawapur, Shirpur, Shahada and Taloda. These occupations include hotels and restaurants, lodging and boarding houses, tailoring, hair-cutting saloons, sweetmeat making, goldsmithy, pan-bidi shops, laundering, flour mills, cycle repairing, watch and radio repairing, teaching, medical and religious professions etc.

Besides, there are many other occupations such as cap-making, rope-making, cinema-houses, vegetable and flower selling etc. Their impact on the economy of the district is too insignificant and hence they are not described here in any detail.