In 1954-55 the Department of Education completed its hundred years of existence. The period witnessed tremendous changes in the field of education. " The number of educational institutions in the State increased from 2,875 in 1855-56 to 58,876 in 1954-55, the number of pupils, from 106,040 in 1855-56 to 4,887,314 in 1954-55, the State grant for education from Rs. 2 lakhs in 1855-56 to Rs. 1,493.4 lakhs in 1954-55 and the total educational expenditure from about Rs. 7 lakhs in 1855-56 to Rs. 2802.1 lakhs in 1954-55." [A Review of Education in Bombay State. 1855-1955.p. 46.]

" Qualitatively the traditional system of higher education which was narrow in concept and dominated exclusively by religious ideas has now been replaced by the modern system of secondary and university education, the limited scope of the indigenous elementary schools has been enlarged to include the concept of universal, compulsory and free primary education and revolutionary changes have been made in the status and education of women and the backward classes." [A Review of Education in Bombay State. 1855-1955.p. 46.]