There are not many places of tourist interest in Dhulia district. However, Dhulia, is fast developing as a cultural and educational centre.

Being situated on the National Highway (Bombay-Agra Road), many tourists and motorists break their journey on their way and halt at Dhulia. Besides, the development of trade and commerce has increased the number of people visiting the district during the recent past.

The Government of Maharashtra has developed the panoramic Toranmal into a beautiful holiday resort. This place is situated in Akrani taluka in Satpuda mountain and is 3,400 feet above sea-level. It is eighty miles away from Dhulia, while the nearest railway station of Dondaicha is 50 miles away from it.

In 1958, when the holiday camp was established, there were only 6 suites. At present, there are as many as 12 Blocks which can accommodate 90 persons. The blocks are well furnished and provide all the necessary amenities. A nominal rent of Rs. 2 is charged per block. Facilities for advance booking are also provided.

For tourists there are as many as 35 travellers bungalows constructed at suitable places in the district.

Besides, there are 25 inspection bungalows at the following places:―

(1) Dhulia, (2) Sule, (3) Palasner, (4) Ner, (5) Sakri, (6) Malangaon, (7) Visarvadi, (8) Navapur, (9) Vinchur, (10) Chimthane, (11) Dondaicha, (12) Ranala, (13) Nandurbar, (14) Taloda, (15) Shahada, (16) Hisala, (17) Khed, (18) Pimpalner, (19) Chhadvel, (20) Khed (Taluka-Dhulia), (21) Arvi, (22) Shelbari, (23) Nardhana, (24) Shirpur, and (25) Sindkheda. There are also three district bungalows and a rest house at Dhulia.

Besides, there are forest bungalows under the jurisdiction of the Dhulia Forest Division. They are located at Rohini, Laling, Boradi, Malangaon, Dhadgaon, Ukhali and Toranmal.

There were rest houses at the following places in the old district of Khandesh.

 Besides, twelve travellers bungalows at Arvi, Bodvad, Chalisgaon, Chikalval, Dhulia, Jalgaon, Khed, Nardana, Pachora, Palasner, Shirpur, Songir, and Vinchur; nine district officers Bungalows at Betavad, Bhusaval, Dharangaon, Dhulia, Jalgaon, Nandurbar, Nardana, Rangaon, and Saundane; and seven public works inspectors bungalows at Chimthana, Dondaicha, Khed, Kundaibari, Mehunbara, Sakri and Vinchur, there are ninety-five rest-houses, dharmashalas. Of these one is in the Amalner sub-division, seven are in Bhusaval, four in Chalisgaon, two in Chopda, ten in Dhulia, four in Erandol, six in Jamner, nine in Nandurbar, four in Nasirabad, nine in Pachora, five in Pimpalner, eleven in Savda, eight in Shahada, five in Shirpur two in Taloda, and seven in Virdel. Of the twelve traveller bungalows two are in the Bhusaval sub-division, five in Dhulia, two in Shirpur, and one each in Chalisgaon, Pachora. and Virdel."