Indian economy is predominantly rural in character. The facilities of transport in the rural areas are meagre though considerable improvement could be evinced during recent years. Most of the available roads are unmetalled. During monsoon they become un-usable for any traffic.

During the last few years considerable progress has been achieved in regard to the development of roads in the rural areas. Mary new roads have been constructed and the work on a number of others is in progress.

As compared to other districts, the condition of rural transport is much better in Dhulia district. The existence of National highways, State highways and a number of Major District Roads has facilitated rural transport and brought the distant villages on the right lines of communication. A large number of approach roads were recently constructed and the surface of many roads was improved making them usable for vehicular traffic.

On most of the motorable roads the State Transport authorities are running buses since the nationalisation of the transport undertaking. Most of the villages in the district have been brought within the orbit of road transport.

The railway routes viz., Chalisgaon-Dhulia and Bhusaval-Surat which run through this district also cater to the transport needs of the rural area.

The approach roads: to and from railway stations on these lines have been developed thereby connecting distant villages with the respective railway stations.