The account of the various modes and agencies of trade will remain incomplete without a brief mention of pedlars. They were an important agency of retail trade in the past, when there were a few retail shops catering to the needs of the rural populace. These petty dealers used to have intimate relations with their customers, and used to sell the goods on credit or barter terms. Many of them belonged to professional classes, such as, Telis, Kasars, Shimpis, Malis, Vanis, Blacksmiths, Halais, Koshtis, Chambhars and Attars.

Even now pedlars have a flourishing trade in the villages. They carry a variety of articles including groceries, fresh fruits, dry fruits, ice-candy, spices, vegetables, cloth, ready-made clothes, tea powder, bread, biscuits, sweetmeats, etc. They move from village to village and sell their articles on cash basis or against agricultural produce to their customers.