With the phenomenal rise in the volume of trade and commerce over the last about 30 years, a number of associations of traders-have emerged. The prima facie objective of such associations is to unite together to solve the grievances of the trading community vis-a-vis the Government, to bring harmony in various trade practices, to bring about better relations and understanding between the traders and to solve their difficulties. Special mention may be made of the Grain Merchants" Association at Dhulia. This association with a membership of 55, is affiliated to the Maharashtra Chamber of Commerce, and is a member of the All India Foodgrain Dealers Association. The chief objectives of the association are to promote and protect the interests of grain dealers, to consider questions affecting the trade, and to co-ordinate the mode of business transactions. The association of dealers at Shirpur was established nearly 50 years ago, and was registered as a public trust in 1940. It commands a membership of 120. The association is instrumental in bringing about closer co-operation amongst the members of the trading class. It devises ways and means for promoting their business.

Besides these, there are a few more associations, viz.:

(1) Oil Mills Association, Dhulia.

(2) Cloth Merchants Association, Dhulia.

(3) Kirana Merchants Association, Dhulia.

(4) Saraf Association, Dhulia.

These associations have been formed with a view to bringing about closer co-operation amongst themselves.