INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION IN THE LAST CENTURY SAW UNPRECEDENTED CHANGES in the social and economic structure of our country, unknown to history. The result was the emergence of a new society with social and economic virtues and vices, with new outlook towards humanity based on the idea of fraternity, with innumerable problems complicated to their extremity, such as unemployment, low standard of living, epidemics, squalor, etc. Besides these general problems present almost in all the nations of the world, some problems peculiar to our country such as illiteracy, backwardness, and poverty have aggravated the complexity of the situation.

Our Government being wedded to the idea of Welfare State, has been making all out efforts to put an end to the social stigmas. However, even with its enormous power, but with limited resources and to the best of its ability, the Government finds it increasingly difficult to fulfill this stupendous task. Its efforts in this direction seem to be insufficient for want of funds and reasonably adequate institutional manpower.

Enlightened and generous men in the society with foresight and resources who have good of the people at their heart have risen to the occasion to lessen the sufferings of their fellow countrymen. By forming organizations, they have undertaken a somewhat difficult task of rendering useful services to the poor and the downtrodden. They sacrifice a bit of their money, time and energy for the upliftment of their kith and kins.

Chandrapur district, inhabited by many backward communities and tribes is also an economically backward track, and needs the services of voluntary social service organizations. It is heartening to note that such organizations did exist in the district in the past though few in number. After Independence the number of social organizations, doing voluntarily commendable service to the people in the field of education, health, welfare and cultural activities, have sprung up. Government is also granting liberal financial aid to such social agencies. These institutions thus help the moral and material development of the people. In this connection the role of the press is laudable and positive.