THE CHANDRAPUR DISTRICT GAZETTEER WAS FIRST PUBLISHED IN 1909. The Volume was prepared by Mr. L. F. Begbie and edited by Mr. A. E. Nelson. This revised edition has been prepared by the Gazetteers Department, Government of Maharashtra, under the guidance of an Editorial Board. The following are the present members of the Editorial Board: -

Chief Secretary to the Government of Maharashtra, (Shri L. M. Nadkarni, I.c.s.).

Mahamahopadhyaya Dr. V. V. Mirashi, Nagpur.

Shri P. Setu Madhava Rao, M.A., I.A.S. (Retd.).

Shri G. A. Sharma, I.A.S. (Retd.).

Dr. C. D. Deshpande, Head of the Geography Department, University of Bombay.

Dr. B. R. Rairikar, M.A., Ph.D., Principal, Lala Lajapat Rai College of Commerce and Economics, Bombay.

Prof. R. V. Oturkar, M.A., Poona.

Editor, Central Gazetteers Unit, Ministry of Education, Government of India, New Delhi (Dr. P. N. Chopra).

Executive Editor and Secretary [ Dr. B. G. Kunte, M.A., Ph.D. (Economics), Ph.D. (History)].

The compilation of the various chapters was initiated during the tenure of my predecessor, Shri P. Setu Madhava Rao, M.A., I.A.S. (Retd.) and the typed manuscript was sent for printing in August 1969 after the approval of the Central Gazetteers Unit, Government of India.

My thanks are due to Shri K. K. Chaudhari, M.A., Joint Editor; Dr. V. N. Gurav, M.A., Ph.D., Statistical Officer; and Shri K. V. Yohannan, B.A., LL.B., Compiler (Administration); for their valuable assistance throughout the work. My thanks are also due to Shri M. H. Ranade, B.A. (on deputation to Government of Goa as Research Officer); Shri P. N. Narkhede, M.Com.; Smt. S. N. Alawani, B.A.; Shri S. K. Khilare, B.Com., LL.B.; Miss M. N. Dharkar, M.A.; Smt. A. S. Deshmukh, B.A.; and Shri N. R. Patil, M.Com. for their assistance in the publication of the Volume. I am also thankful to the members of the other staff viz., Shri S. K. Purohit, Shri V. B. Sangrulkar and Shri V. J. Gaichor (Assistants), Shri G. M. Narkar (Senior Clerk), Smt. S. M. Nirgude, Shri S. G. Shetye, Shri G. N. Parab, Shri A. M. Bhabal and Miss S. N. Gadre (Clerk/Typists). Shri K. N. Parab (Daftari), Shri B. G. Shinde (Naik) and Sarvashri L. N. Tawde, P. G. Dhadve, S. N. Parab and K. A. Tambe (Peons), for their association in the preparation of this Volume.

I will be failing in my duty, if I do not express my thanks to Dr. P. N. Chopra, M.A., Ph.D., Editor, Central Gazetteers and the staff of the Central Gazetteers Unit, Ministry of Education, Government of India, New Delhi, for their effective role in planning and coordinating the work of preparation of the District Gazetteer. The unit scrutinized the draft of this Volume with great care and made several helpful suggestions with a view to improving the standard and quality of the publication. It may also be mentioned here that the Government of India pays a sum of Rs. 44,000 towards the compilation and Rs. 16,000 towards the printing cost of each of the district volumes, which forms a portion of the expenditure incurred on the compilation and printing of the District Gazetteer.

Shri S. A. Sapre, Director, Government Printing, Stationery and Publications, Bombay, and Shri R. B. Alva, Manager, Government Press and Book Depot, Nagpur, as also the other technical and managerial staff deserve my thanks for the execution of the printing work of this volume.

Many are the officials and non-officials who helped by supplying information on various points without whose help the execution of this work would have been difficult. To them all my thanks are due.



October 1973.
   B. G. KUNTE,

Executive Editor and Secretary.