Talodhi also known as Talodhi Badge, is an agricultural village in Brahmapuri tahsil lying on the Mul-Umred road about 35.40 km. (22 miles) distant from Brahmapuri. Actually it consists of two villages of Talodhi and Bamhani, both of which are shaded by mango and tamarind trees. The population in 1961 was 3,964 and consisted of Mahar, Kompti, Dhimar and Khapevar castes, with a sprinkling of Buruds and Salevars. Though all pursue their various hereditary occupations, the village is mainly agricultural growing rice and jovar, rice being the staple crop. On a small scale wheat and jovar are also taken as winter crops. There are several shops dealing in cloth and groceries. Talodhi has a primary school for girls, a middle school, a post office and an dyurvedic dispensary. There are three rice mills and one oil mill. Weekly market is held on Wednesday. Drinking water is obtained from the wells and a tank.