Saoll is a large village in Candrapur tahsil situated on the Mul-Gadhciroli road, about 11.26 km. (seven miles) east of Mul. The population in 1961 was 4,871. Saoli is one of the largest rice producing villages in Canda, three-fourths of its total acreage being under paddy cultivation. Its lands are irrigated by two fine tanks, Asola Mendha talav and numerous irrigation wells. A few families of Koskatis are engaged in tasar silk weaving and once the industry was in a very flourishing condition. It is now on the decline and may be extinct if no encouragement is given. The other local industry worthy of mention is the manufacture of slippers for which the place is so well-known. In 1894 the village was seriously affected by a fire that gutted and reduced to ashes over 800 houses. However, the village has recovered from that blow ere long and is now well on its way to prosperity. Saoli has a school, a dispensary and a post office. A weekly market is held on Thursdays.