Rajoli, with in 1961 a population of 2,594, is a village in Canda tahsil laying along Candrapur-Nagpur road about eleven miles from Mul. It is a model village on development front and has made such phenomenal progress in recent times that it even evoked the admiration of late Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru who happened to visit it once. In pre-independence days and even up to 1956 not only no progress worth the name was made but it was infested with all sorts of epidemics and diseases. With the grampancayat elections of 1956, a beginning was made towards the development of Rajoli. The first challenging task was to get rid of the epidemics and the diseases which was successfully done over a period of years. Now Rajoli has an dyurvedic dispensary and a filaria centre. The pancayat raised and saved funds which were employed in constructing broad roads remarkable for any small town, in laying out drains, constructing and repairing bridges and culverts, wells for drinking water and buildings for schools. At a later stage the problem of potable water was overcome by providing for tap-water. Scavengers were provided with residential colonies. Funds essential for these works were for the most part raised by arranging drama shows performed by Bhdrat Bhusan Natak Mandal. Development aid was also received in course or time which resulted in the construction of a spacious school building enviable for a village of Rajoli's size. Rajoli has now educational facilities up to pre-secondary stage. Adult literacy classes are also conducted. The village has also taken a lead in the co-operative field, there being a multipurpose co-operative society and a foodgrains co-operative. A large number of "agriculturists have availed themselves of the services and facilities rendered by these co-operatives. More than anything else these cooperatives have made the agriculturists as well as the villagers realize the benefits of co-operation. It inspired them to work collectively for the repair and deepening of a large tank which now irrigates nearly 800 acres of land. The village has been electrified and the main roads provided with electric lights. A drama club, a youth club and a mahila mandal have been constituted and are doing some useful work in the social and cultural spheres. Rajoli grampancayat is a model grampancayat and arranges from time to time for Bharat Sevak Samaj camps, labour camps, Mahila Sibir and agricultural and cattle exhibitions. Fine and spacious houses are coming up in the well planned Kannamwar Colony. The village library and the radio centre are the main attractions to the villagers during leisure hours. There are two rice mills.