Rajgadh, lying 6.43 km. (four miles) southeast of Mul, is a fair sized village in Candrapur tahsil with a population of 1,205 as per the 1961 Census It contains an old temple which, though small in size, is noted for its details, due to its excellent state of preservation. The temple is dedicated to Mahadev whose linga is enshrined inside. The style is the same as that of Markanda temples, and the roof of the sanctum is a pyramid rising in steps like the pyramidal spires of the Das Avatara temple at Markanda. Although surrounded by a tract of country closely studded with larger villages, Rajgadh is a place of importance, as it boasts of a large weekly bazar held on Tuesdays. It is attended by over 2,000 persons. Large transactions in agricultural commodities take place on these occasions. The village has a primary school, a post office and a medical practitioner. Wells and a tank supply drinking water.