Pimpalganv, also known locally as Pipalganv Makta, is a village in Brahmapuri tahsil settled on the high bank of the Wainganga and lying about four miles (6.43 km.) from Brahmapuri. Here the Wainganga divides, itself into two channels with the island of Laduz in between. The villages, situated on the western channel, is liable to floods during heavy rains. In 1961 its population was 2,896 and consisted mainly of Kunbis, Marathas and Mahars. The village is entirely agricultural, the chief crops being jovar and rice. No bazar as such is held except a small weekly vegetable market. Raghuji I had granted this village to the queen of Mudhoji Bhosle to provide for her personal allowance. On her death it came into the possession of Baka Bai who willed it to Janoji Bhosle, her adopted son. In commemoration of a local saint by name Akduji Maharaj a temple to Rama has been built. It is reported to be about ninety years old.  On Ramanavami an annual festival is held in honour of the saint. On this day a considerable number of people gather from the neighbouring villages. Pimpalgainv has a middle school, a medical practitioner and a post office. Wells and the river are the sources of water supply. No scarcity of water is felt as in many of the Canda villages.