Kunghada Raiyyatvari, is a large agricultural village in Gadhciroli tahsil, lying about 80.46 km. (50 miles) due east of Candrapur and about one and a half miles (2.40 km.) to the east of the Wainganga river. In 1961 the village population was 3,520 which with the exception of a few households is mainly engaged in agriculture. Paddy is the chief crop, a large tank to the north of the village irrigating its extensive rice-fields. A few irrigation wells also serve the purpose. The tank and the irrigation channels were repaired thoroughly by the Government in 1906 and are kept in repairs from time to time. The vast majority of the husbandmen are Telis who are very industrious and hard-working and have the reputation of being close-fisted. The village itself is straggling. In another land the proverbial expression for landward peace and prosperity was that each man should dwell under his own vine and fig tree. Of Kunghada, it may well be said that each man should squat under the shadow of his own dhan or corn heap store and dung heap. The house of practically every cultivator is enclosed by a stout brushwood fence, within which, close packed cheek jowl, are the grain dholis, the dung heaps and the dwelling houses. There is a temple dedicated to Siva, but it is in bad repairs. The village has a middle school, a post office and a medical practitioner. It is connected with Gadhciroli and Camorsi by a good road.