Junona Raiyyatvari, with 677 inhabitants in 1961, is a small agricultural village in Candrapur tahsil about 11.26 km. (seven miles) east of Candrapur. It possesses a fine tank on the stone embankment of which stand the remains of an ancient palace, said to have been built by Dhundia Ram Sah (1597-1622 A.D.) and in its rear are traces of a wall four miles (6.43 km.) in length. This style of building has entirely disappeared from the district and is all the more to be regretted because such water palaces must have been delightfully cool and pleasant. In communication with the tank is an elaborate system of under channels. Junona is a picturesque spot and has a pleasant camping ground, and ducks are always to be found on the tank. The village has a primary school and a medical practitioner. Wells and tank are the drinking water sources.