Ghodpeth Raiyyatvari is a small village in Waroda tahsil with 1,000 inhabitants in 1961, situated eight kilometres (five miles) from Bhadravati along the road to Canda. It is said to derive its name from the royal stables which were located here when Bhadravati or Bhandak was the capital of the country. Here there was once a fine temple which was utterly destroyed by a gigantic pipal tree, the roots of which formerly held together a portion of its walls together with one pilaster and several mouldings complete. This pipal tree when it fell totally destroyed the pilaster leaving the temple in shambles. The pilaster was remarkable for being built up in regular courses of stone with the walls, instead of being a monolith. It was a very fine example of the style or the mouldings or mediaeval temples in this part of the country. The remains were formerly much more extensive, but the stones were carried away and employed in the construction of a bridge. The building probably belonged to the 11th or 12th century. The village has a branch post office and a primary school. A large tank has been brought under pisciculture by the Fisheries Department.