Deotak, meaning the hillock of Gods, is a small village with 194 inhabitants in 1961 in Brahmapuri tahsil, lying 6.43 km, (four miles) north-east of Nagbhid and 69 miles (111 km.) distant from Candrapur. It has one small temple and the remains of a second. There is a stone slab containing two distinct inscriptions, the characters of one being of the kind known as those of the Asoka edicts and those of the other belonging to the Vakataka period. Both of them are fragmentary but mention a name Cikambari, which Mr. Hira Lal has identified with Cikmara, a village close to Deotak. The slab has now been removed to the Nagpur Museum. Cikmara may thus boast of being over 2,000 years old. At Cikmara and Panori, both of which are about two miles (3.21 km.) from Deotak there are old statues and other ancient remains like those at Deotak. It is not unlikely that all these formed one city in ancient times. At Navkhala, a village near Nagbhid, there are also much abrased inscriptions which cannot be read now.