Bhatala, with in 1961, 985 inhabitants is a village in Waroda tahsil lying 16 km. (ten miles) to the north of Waroda; town. It is supposed to have formed a part of the ancient Bhadravati which later came to be known as Bhandak. On a hill in the vicinity of the village are the remains of a very fine antique temple, in good preservation. These have been protected under the Ancient Monuments Act. The outer walls are severely plain, the only ornamentation being three large images in niches around the shrines and one on each side of the ante-chamber.  They contain the images of Siva, Parvati and Karttikeya upon his peacock. Until lately in the four quarters of the village four ancient temples or Makardhvaja, the warden of the boundaries, could be distinguished. There is yet another temple in the village into the front walls of which are built many images. However, the temple is not of much consequence and it is tailing into decay for want of maintenance. Bhatala has a sub-post office and a middle school. Wells and a large tank supply drinking water. Saturday is the weekly bazar day.