Asaralli. with in 1961 a population of 2,913, is a large village in Sironca tahsil lying about 30.57 km. (19 miles) to its south on the left bank of the Godavari. Asaralli is in the main an agricult it is remarkable as having for long possessed the only open bazar in the upper tahsil. This is held on each Friday and was in the olden days known as Marriott market. It attracts visitors and buyers not only from the Sironca tahsil but also from Bastar district of Madtural village. and the conditions of cultivation precisely resemble those of Ankisa. Buhya Prades and parts of Andhra State that border on the tahsil. The existence of this bazar has induced a fairly large trading community to settle in Asaralli, which with the exception of Sironca itself, is the only village in the tahsil which though mainly is not purely agricultural. Rajus and Komtis form quite a large community. Before passing the Act, imposing ceiling on land holdings, the relations between the Sahukars and the tenants were most strained in this tahsil. Asaralli has a middle school, an ayurvedic dispensary, a post and a police outpost. Wells are the sources of drinking water supply. Quite a few wells have been bored for irrigating the land.