Ankisa is a large and exceptionally fertile village in Sironca tahsil lying on the left bank of the Godavari, river, about 27.35 km. (17 miles) south of Sironca on the road to Dumagudiam in Andhra Prades. The population in 1961 was 3,474 as against 3,276 in 1951 and consists mainly of Arevars, Kunbis and Velmas. The best land is the low lying gadda or wandoo land which receives the silt of the river and grows exceptionally fine crops of jovar, chillis and Virginia tobacco. The central belt of the village consists of regorde or regadi land from which rich crops of wheat are taken. To the north in the vicinity of forest lands the soil grows poorer and wherein only small patches of rice and baris are cultivated. In this area are situated two moderately good tanks one of which irrigates about 12.14 hectares (thirty acres) of land, while the other is reserved for drinking purposes. Nearly 150 wells supplement the tank irrigation. The village is purely agricultural and its only trade is in jowar, mug, til and tobacco, large quantities of which are sent to Andhra Prades. Ankisa has a primary health centre, an allopathic dispensary and a sub-centre of the veterinary dispensary, all conducted by the Zilla Parisad. There is a primary school and a high school, the latter of which being recently established and conducted privately. A prohibition sanskar kendra, to impress upon the people the benefits of prohibition, has recently been established. A weekly market is held on Tuesdays.