Nationalisation of passenger transport services in Chandrapur district, which now forms part of the Nagpur division of Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation, was started in 1953. The services, initially run by the Central Provinces State Transport Services were subsequently purchased by the State Government in 1955 and renamed as the Provincial Transport Services, Nagpur. After the reorganisation of States in November, 1956, the operations were looked after by a separate department under the erstwhile Government of Bombay called the 'Transferred Road Transport Undertakings Department'. From 1st July, 1901, the Transferred Road Transport Under-  takings department was abolished and Provincial Transport  Services, Nagpur, along with State Transport Services in the  Marathwada region were amalgamated with the Bombay State  Road Transport Corporation and the reorganised Corporation  was named as the Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation.


The officer-in-charge of the Nagpur division is designated as the Divisional Controller and is a class 1 officer. tie is immediately under the control of the Central Office of which the General Manager is the administrative head assisted by the following departments and branches, viz., (1) Administration, (2) Traffic, (3) Mechanical Engineering, (4) Accounts and Audit, (5) Statistics, (6) Security, (7) Stores, (8) Civil Engineering, (9) Secretarial, (10) Legal, (11) Central Workshop and (12) Organisation and Methods.

The head of the division is responsible for the operations in Nagpur division and is assisted by 12 class II officers who are charged with the following functional responsibilities:-

Administration and Traffic.-There are three officers at the head of this activity. The Divisional Traffic Officer is in charge of all matters relating to traffic and operation. He is assisted by the Divisional Traffic Superintendent. The Labour Officer looks after all matters relating to labour relations with the administration. Matters relating to publicity in the division are also looked after by the Labour Officer.

Accounts and Statistics,-These branches are manned by two officers, viz., the Divisional Accounts Officer and the Divisional Statistician.

Technical.-The technical side of the division is looked after by the Divisional Mechanical Engineer. Besides, there are as many depot managers as there are depots, who are wholly responsible for the working of the respective depots in the division.

The operations in Chandrapur district were first started in 1953 with three routes viz., Nagpur-Chandrapur, Wardha-Chandrapur and Nagpur-Chimur, which were operated from depots situated outside Chandrapur district. The total route length of these routes was 455.4 kilometres. By the end of December, 1964, there were seven routes serving Chandrapur district with a total route length, of 883.2 kilometres. There is no depot situated in Chandrapur district and the operations are looked after by the depots situated outside the district in Nagpur division. Nagpur division, of which Chandrapur district forms a part was holding 318 vehicles plying on 197 routes with a total route length of 9,165.2 kilometres. The vehicles put on the road have, on an average, a seating capacity of 42.90 exclusive of the seats for the driver and the conductor. The average daily distance covered by these vehicles during December, 1964 was 54,415 kilometres carrying on an average, 98,876 passengers per day.

The light and heavy repairs to the buses are carried out at the divisional workshop which is situated at Nagpur. Further, after the operation of every 24,000 kilometres, the vehicles are routed by the depots to the divisional workshop for preventive maintenance. In addition a number of depot workshops, are situated at Nagpur, Amravati, Bhandara, Wardha, Yeotmal and Talegaon for daily maintenance of vehicles. Subsequently, however, a depot was started at Chandrapur. Regular daily and weekly servicing of 8,000 kilometres docking for maintenance are carried out in these depots.

For the convenience of the travelling public in the district the Corporation has provided a temporary bus station at Chandrapur and a bus stand with a refreshment room and a pan-bidi stall at Warora.

The Corporation has not undertaken goods transport in the district so far.