A few shops of photo-frame makers are found in Chandrapur and Ballarshah towns. They are generally found in a busy locality, requiring a small accommodation and managed by the proprietor. The tools and equipment required for the occupation consist of a small hammer, nails, a pair of scissors, etc. Plywood sheets, glass sheets, pictures, etc., comprise the raw materials.  The raw materials are obtained from the local market. 

It requires a small capital investment of about Rs. 60. The  working capital depended upon the business undertaken and besides, included rental charges which did not go beyond Rs. 12 per month. Their average net income was about Rs. 60 to Rs. 75 per month.

The frame makers were not found to be relying upon the technique and methods of decor used by their counterparts in big cities and towns. Though the prospects for the occupation could not be rated as very bright the changing outlook of the people even in a district like Chandrapur offers considerable scope for the development of this business.