As per the Census of 1961, the number of State Government employees including those now working under the Zilla Parishad is 5,000. The number of persons including teaching staff in technical schools and colleges is 103 and that in other schools and colleges 4,287. The number of persons grouped under ' religious and allied services rendered by pandit, priest, preceptor, fakir, monk ' stood at 402 of whom 264 were from rural areas and 138 from urban areas.

The Census of Government employees was taken in the district in the year 1961. Accordingly Government employees in the district were 5,860 in number. The percentages of persons employed, in class I, II, III and IV were 0.19, 2.01, 83.62 and 14.18, respectively. Out of the total employees in the district, the percentage of 52.37 is among the pay range of Rs. 75 to Rs. 100 but the percentage of the total emoluments paid to the employees under this category, works out to 37.63 per cent which is higher than all the pay ranges.