Generally one patwari is appointed for six or eight villages which are small. The charge depends on the size of the village and khasara numbers under each charge. The villages in his charge comprise a halka. His main duties are -

(i) to prepare panchsala khasara as per roster approved by the Collector;

(ii) to write land revenue or rental demand in rasid-bahis; (iii) to prepare kistbandi goshwara;

(iv) to prepare statement of sales and leases for selected villages in the prescribed form;

(v) to prepare grazing lists for issuing charai passes; (vi) to prepare tenants' list after girdawari every year;

(vii) to report cases of diversion of agricultural land to non-agricultural purposes;

(viii) to report regarding breaches of condition of nistar wajib-ul-arz ;

(ix) to submit forecast reports of every crop in time to the district officers;

(x) to report about farm prices of commodities sold in weekly markets from selected villages;

(XI) to help in the recovery of land revenue and other Government dues during the visit of revenue officers;

(xii) to prepare irsal-patti ; and

(xiii) to supply necessary village records to chakbandi officers and also to help them in their work.