Chandrapur district is included in Nagpur Division. The  Divisional Commissioner, Nagpur Division, Nagpur has jurisdiction over Nagpur, Bhandara, Wardha, Akola, Amravati, Buldhana and Yeotmal districts also.

The Commissioner is the chief controlling authority of the division in all matters concerned with land revenue and the administration of the Revenue department. He acts as an important supervisory and controlling link between the Collector and the Government. Appeals and revision applications against the orders of the Collector under the Maharashtra Land Revenue Code, 1966, and the Tenancy Law lie with him. Besides revenue matters, he is also responsible for supervision of the work of the Collectors in their capacity as District Magistrates. He is responsible for the development activities in the division and has to supervise the work of regional officers of all departments concerned with development.

The following duties have been specifically laid down for the Commissioner: -

(a) supervision of and control over the working of revenue officers throughout the division;

(b) exercise of executive and administrative powers to be delegated by Government or conferred on him by law;

(c) general inspection of offices of all departments within the division:

(d) inspection of local bodies on the lines done by the Director of Local Authorities in the pre-reorganisation State of Bombay;

(e) co-ordination and supervision of the activities of all divisional heads of departments with particular reference to planning and development; and

(f) integration of the administrative set-up in the incoming areas.